Monarchs Q&A


Q: What types of programs do you offer in the summer?

A: Monarchs has you covered all summer. We are offering curriculum-based classes for Kinder, girls and boys recreational, tumblers, cheer, active, and team students, as well as a massive camp offering that includes Kinder gymnastics camp (ages 3 to 5); gymnastics camp (ages 5 to 14); parkour camp (ages 6 to 8 & 8+); and intensive and specialty camps, like parkour, flips and tricks, and tumbling for dance or cheer.

Q: What are the best ways for kids to stay active during the summer both physically and mentally?

A: Gymnastics! I’m not kidding; gymnastics is an awesome way to stay active during the summer and so are other physical sports and activities. The key is getting kids outside, out of the daily routine, and enjoying the freedom summer offers them to be physical, active, and playful, which in turn stimulates the brain in different but essential ways.monarchs2

Q: How can parents encourage their kids to stay busy over the summer to prevent laziness?

A: Diversity in activities is a great way to prevent laziness. Summer is a great time to explore new activities and try new sports. Finding programs, such as camps that offer a full curriculum and daily plan, is also key for parents. This allows kids to consistently be stimulated and challenged with-out overload while learning new skills.

Q: What are the best options for keeping kids from getting bored?

A: Summer is a great time to introduce kids to new physical activities, games, and challenges. Parents have so many options during summer months, such as horse-back riding, swimming, surfing, art, and of course, gymnastics! Kids tend to get bored when they aren’t being challenged or stimulated, so bringing in new things to try is always a good idea in the summer.

Q: How does a productive summer influence kids the rest of the year?

A: What’s great about having a productive summer is that if you incorporate plenty of rest and physical activity, you set your kiddos up for a great school year. Activities that require mental aptitude, like gymnastics, have lasting effects beyond the physical skills learned in the gym and aid in math and reading readiness.


Q: For kids that are introverted, what is the best way to introduce them to activities that help them out of their comfort zone?

A: Make sure they feel safe when going into an activity, program, or sport. Start slow. Find something they show an interest in and then ease into it. Also, have kids bring a friend the first time so it’s not as intimidating for them as doing it alone.

Q: What is the most popular activity for kids over the summer?

A: Swimming and gymnastics. Swimming, because it’s summer! Gymnastics because it’s indoors and the amount of action-packed activity we can do in any given day is incredible. Trampolines, re-lays, the foam pit, the ninja course, obstacle courses, parkour – we really keep them moving for the length of our programs and have something for everyone.

Q: Any final remarks you’d like to make to our readers?

A: Summer is such a special time and it’s over so quickly. I would encourage every-one to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. Then, when tired of the bee stings and bug bites, come on inside to Monarchs to jump, flip, and tumble around. We’ve got something for everyone all summer long!

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Photography by Marvin Steindler