Harvesting Health

Cultivating kids’ culinary curiosity through seasonal eating

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Teaching our kiddos to eat with the seasons is a valuable lesson that fosters an appreciation for nature’s harvest and promotes healthy eating habits. One effective way to instill this mindset is by taking them to the local farmers market. There, they can witness firsthand the vibrant array of fruits, vegetables, and other produce that are in season. Engaging children in the process of selecting seasonal ingredients at the farmers market educates them about where their food comes from and motivates them to make healthier food choices. As they explore the market, encourage them to ask questions and interact with the farmers. This interaction helps to cultivate a sense of connection to the food they eat and the people who grow it. Once home, involve the kids in meal preparation using the locally sourced produce. Let them take the lead in choosing recipes and assisting with tasks appropriate for their age and skill level. This hands on approach not only teaches them valuable cooking skills but also instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating a meal from start to finish. By incorporating seasonal eating and visits to the farmers market into their routine, children develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the cycle of food production. These experiences lay the foundation for a lifetime of mindful eating and sustainable living habits.