G & L Design, Building, and Landscape

Creating Outdoor Sanctuaries for Two Decades


Whether crafting lush landscapes, installing efficient irrigation systems, or constructing inviting outdoor kitchens, the dedicated in-house team at G & L Design, Building, and Landscape, Inc., transforms outdoor spaces into captivating havens throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Conejo Valley, and San Fernando Valley. From the warmth of fire pits to the tranquility of pools and spas and from the grandeur of pergolas to the subtle allure of low-voltage lighting, G & L handles every aspect of each job, producing truly breathtaking metamorphoses.

“Since childhood,” explains founder Dee Skolnick, “I’ve harbored a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, relishing in the beauty of nature, the intricacies of plant life, and the majesty of trees. Growing up in a quaint village steeped in agriculture only deepened this passion within me. Over 18 years ago, my wife and I embarked on a journey together, founding G & L Design. Despite the passage of time, our ardor for cultivating serene outdoor spaces remains undiminished. We delight in fashioning aesthetically pleasing settings that serve as havens for those cherished moments—where life is savored, gatherings are hosted, and memories are woven into the very fabric of our surroundings.”

G & L Design’s meticulous process begins with the design phase, where details spring to life through stunning renderings before the collaborative transformation journey begins, bringing a shared vision to life. Each bespoke project is tailored to the client’s specific needs and budgetary constraints. At the heart of their mission lies a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship. Through thoughtful selection of drought-tolerant plants and the implementation of innovative irrigation solutions, G & L Design minimizes water usage while maximizing the health and vitality of each outdoor space. Eco-conscious practices enable clients to enjoy beautiful landscapes that thrive in harmony with nature while reducing their ecological footprint, saving on water and utility costs.

From alluring water features and exterior lighting to vibrant vegetable gardens and fruit trees, family-owned G & L Design invites clients to envision the possibilities for their space. Sourcing the finest materials from trusted local suppliers guarantees clients both exceptional quality and sustainability for years to come.

G & L Design, Building, and Landscape, Inc.