Art in Your Garden

Beautify your outdoor space!


While nothing can replace the natural beauty of Mother Nature, a few well-placed pieces of art enhance any garden. Popular items include colorful spinners to capture the light and gentle breezes, mosaic sculptures that shine so gracefully, and soothing fountains to add the element of water to the desert-like Southern California landscape.


If you have room, paths with meditative mandalas and swirling labyrinths impart a touch of mysticism. Ancient symbols, such as Celtic spirals or Buddha statues, also lend mystical focal points, while multi-colored metal sculptures create a contemporary, one-of-a-kind oasis.

Bring feng shui into your garden
Consider feng shui principles when designing your garden. This ancient practice comes from the Chinese words feng, meaning wind, and shui, meaning water. Feng shui connects one’s surroundings with the natural world to create harmony. Incorporate all five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water to establish good feng shui.


Use a fountain or small pond to bring in the water element. Be sure they remain clean and flowing and remove any dead leaves so energy doesn’t stagnate. The glowing sun naturally introduces the fire element. Brightly colored red and yellow flowers also carry this fiery energy. Wind chimes and metal sculptures represent the metal element, which fosters clarity of mind and prosperity. Green plants and trees enhance the wood element, which symbolizes growth and creativity, while earth imparts stability. Crystals and anything brown, yellow, orange, flat, or square also expands the earth element, which is ever-present in the soil and trees.

Another important feng shui principle is to create winding pathways rather than straight ones. This encourages the chi, or energy, to meander rather than flow too quickly along a straight line. It also creates feelings of calmness. You can also place a wind chime at your front or back door to slow down any fast-moving energy.


Include splashes of color
Color adds another level of intrigue. Bright splashes of red, orange, and yellow catch the eye. Choose your favorite colors and design accordingly. Use only a few different colors or shades to create a subtle ambiance. Pastel colors make your space look larger, while bright colors bring the eyes and drama up close.

Art grows the human element in your garden
Your favorite pieces of art add new shapes, colors, and textures to your garden. Triangular, pointy sculptures create a visual counterpoint to round and oval flowers. Create a mosaic or painting of your own to further personalize your outdoor space. Or showcase some of your favorite mementos to commemorate special occasions and trips.

Place fanciful stone or ceramic animals beside your plants and flowers. Well-placed birdhouses or koi ponds are always appealing too. Functional pieces, such as colorful benches, planters, and chairs, can also turn a simple scene into an inviting outdoor gallery. Whichever pieces you choose, add a human touch with art to create your own modern-day Garden of Eden.