The Beautiful Benefits of Water

beautiful water

We bathe in it, wash our faces with it, drink it—and most of us can’t get enough of this magical elixir called water. In our dry L.A. climate, water is even more essential for maintaining our health and beauty.

Water is life
Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s mostly made up of water. We lose water every day and need to replenish it to preserve moisture and ward off dry, flaky skin and unsightly wrinkles. Drink at least 64 ounces each day to slow the aging process and maintain a healthy pH (acid/alkaline) balance, measured from 0, being most acidic, to 14. Your body should remain in the middle at 7 to keep skin glowing.

Heal faster
You’ll also heal faster when you drink plenty of H2O. It reduces scarring, flushes out toxins, and increases blood flow for healthier skin.

Listen to your gut
Water helps your gut and digestion run smoothly. To mix it up, flavor your water with lemon and other fruits and herbs. Eat foods high in water content, such as low-salt soups and cucumbers. The cucumbers can also be used under your eyes to reduce puffiness. While alcohol ages skin, it’s good to know that consuming bubbly water with lemon concurrently may actually prevent a hangover. Now, that’s something to cheer about.