Move It or Lose It

move it

Every year, we have another chance to promise ourselves to create an even healthier life. This year, let “move it or lose it” become your mantra. Let the words echo through your mind as you choose to walk up the stairs instead of ride an elevator or park just a little further from your favorite stores.

Physical activity helps in so many ways.

• Makes you feel and look better inside and out
• Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol
• Lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer
• Burns calories to help you maintain or lose weight
• Eases stress and lightens your mood
• Strengthens your muscles, bones, and immune system

Whether you decide to join a gym or simply go more often, you’ll feel so much better after an aerobics class or other workout.

If you prefer the glorious outdoors, why not rent a bike at the beach, rollerblade, or simply take a brisk walk through your neighborhood or nearby park? Head to the local farmers market to combine walking with heart-healthy foods. Walk your dog. Go dancing with your partner or play tennis with a friend. These are all great ways to socialize, too.

Your heart rate increases during cardio exercise, pumping more oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three to five days a week to see a real change. Listen to your heart. If you feel out of breath, slow down. Work into it gradually.

Give yourself the gift of health for the New Year. Move it or lose it. Make 2020 the most physically active year of your adult life.