Let’s Get Healthy!

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Seems like we just had this conversation; could it possibly be a whole year since we chatted about our New Year’s resolutions and our own health care? Every year we say, “This is the year we get healthier.” We continually learn more about the science of health and discover how important it is to take care of ourselves. Let’s rediscover the different ways technology can help.

It’s not always just about how much exercise we do but also how it affects our mental health. With the app Meditation Studio, you can learn about stress, performance, happiness, and something that is more important than most people realize — your sleep. It includes help from experts to guide you through the emotional side of your well-being.

We all struggle with our eating, especially during the holidays. Too many cookies, cakes, and other fattening stuff. It takes the whole month of January to lose what we gained in December. The app EDO allows you to scan food labels. It analyzes ingredients and nutritional values and lets you know if what you are purchasing is gluten free or lactose free. Add to it the free app Moves which coordinates between you and your smartphone by helping you keep track of the distances between locations on a map. It also gives you calories burned.

I like the Couch to 5K app, which gets you to a 5K in nine weeks. It includes running for beginners and programs for those of you who use a treadmill. If you want to include your puppy (and who doesn’t?), they have the Pooch to 5K. It’s fun and will most definitely help improve your health.

Many of the health apps are tied to health devices, like iPhone or Fitbit. These are very effective in keeping track of your daily health goals. I, personally, use an Apple watch to keep track of my steps, calories, and distance. The Fitbit is a more economical option. You can pick up one for around $70, while the Apple watch starts around $329. If you want the additional features, including a phone and hundreds of apps, you should check out the Apple watch.

As technology advances we learn more about our bodies, from our blood pressure to smart toothbrushes for kids, a connected diabetes device to monitor your sugar levels. My smart scale tells me what my body fat is and serves as a daily reminder of how much I ate. The last time I stepped on the scale after the holidays, my talking scale said, “One at a time please.” Just trying to take care of your health, friends. After all, I get paid by the reader, so I want to make sure you are all around to read my fascinating articles.

Be safe and healthy and please don’t drink and drive or text and drive.

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Marc Cohen