Keep Your Cool and Don’t Sweat

keep cool

It was an interesting year, and many people wound up at odds with friends over opinions, politics, and social media. There were wars on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that were quite uncomfortable to witness, yet sometimes amusing. It can be difficult when your friends have an opposing opinion on a subject, but is it worth losing friends over? No. The best friendships are the ones where you can both be open and honest with each other regardless of opinion. You can’t expect everyone to think the same way that you do; it’s unrealistic, and it would make life dull.

Here are some tips on keeping your cool when you feel yourself getting agitated and annoyed by opposition:

1. Think before you act.
2. Think before you speak or post.
3. If someone insults you, tactfully let them know.
4. Learn your triggers and avoid them.
5. Count to 10 to calm down. It does actually help.
6. Pretend you are above it all.
7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
8. Take a few deep breaths and go for a run.
9. Listen to your heart, not your head.
10. Ask yourself if you want to be a positive or negative person?

There will always be things that you disagree on with people, and that’s just part of life. If you love and respect your friendship, you can afford to be open with one another.