Health Benefits of Houseplants


Plants ask for so little—water, sun, and an occasional meal. In return, they give us so much, from beautiful surroundings to cleaner air and better health.

Surprisingly, the air inside our homes is even more polluted than outside. Plants are natural air purifiers, creating oxygen from carbon dioxide. They freshen stale air in your house. Boston ferns, spider plants, bamboo palms, and others also filter harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, further improving air quality. The larger the plant the more it purifies.

These verdant beauties also increase indoor humidity, which can be especially helpful in our dry SoCal climate. Higher humidity levels lessen the spread of airborne viruses, while improving the texture and elasticity of our skin. Plants also provide shade and noise reduction when placed near a window.

Pick the best plants for your environment and family. Certain species, such as aloe vera, chrysanthemums, and mistletoe, may be harmful to young children and pets. Do a little research before choosing your next houseplant.

Those needing a lot of sunlight love an occasional trip outside to recharge. Back inside, they’ll continue to boost your mood, relieve stress, promote healing, and improve overall wellbeing. They may even increase productivity, so they work well in a home office. Nurturing houseplants also promotes mindfulness and relieves tension. That’s quite a lot for a little houseplant. Remember to occasionally thank them for all they do. Plants might not hear, but they do, however, sense sound vibrations and seem to respond well to jazz and classical music. “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi may soothe both your souls.