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Greta Goldshtein and Courtyard Pharmacy have been part of the Calabasas community since 2019 and have been gaining a following for their commitment to patient care and service that goes beyond the ordinary. The community witnessed this directly when the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was extended to young teens. Teens and their parents flocked in droves to Courtyard Pharmacy, who have administered over 3,000 vaccine doses to date, and they continue their mission to get shots in arms.

Goldshtein’s clients refer to her as their local resource for all things health and wellness, so it was no surprise when she quickly emerged as a neighborhood guide to keep us safe throughout the COVID pandemic. In an effort to vaccinate quickly and efficiently, Goldshtein partnered with Calabasas pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann and the Viewpoint School community to organize large immunization clinics to get the tweens vaccinated. She has emerged as a point person for helping the community deal with COVID-19 and continues to offer vaccines, testing, and consultation services for local families.

While the COVID-19 variants present growing health concerns, having a robust understanding of health status is crucial. Courtyard makes this easy with its customized, indepth health and wellness consultations that are covered by insurance. According to Goldshtein, “Advanced Practice Pharmacists provide a unique blend of skills and services that go deep into your entire health picture.” She tells us that her patients tell her details and specifics of their medicines, supplements, and daily health “worries” that they often don’t even share with their doctors because they forget. “Most people go to their doctors when they are sick or have a specific problem,” says Goldshtein. “We focus on conversation, consultation, and creating an action plan.” Goldshtein is positioning Courtyard to be “partners in health” with its clients.

Courtyard Pharmacy
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