How to Know if You are a Foodie or Just Like to Eat?


There is a difference between eating and actually dining. Taking a moment to savor food and discerning every ingredient are just a couple of the simple pleasures in dining. However, some non-foodies simply consume food as a routine, completely satisfied with a frozen meal. We’ve created a list of qualities so you can decide if you’re a “foodie” or a “non-foodie.”

• You appreciate the quality of your food.
• You appreciate authentic regional cuisine.
• You order takeout from a restaurant.
• You appreciate homemade food and enjoy cooking.
• You notice imported ingredients.
• You appreciate organic, fresh ingredients.
• You would choose food over ambiance.
• You appreciate the presentation and attention to detail.
• You order food without substitutions, trusting the chef’s palette.
• You are excited to try new, exotic cuisines and go on food adventures.
• You read restaurant reviews and are always looking for restaurant recommendations.
• You have opinions about your food and often find them come up in conversation.
• You dine.

• Cost and convenience are factors in deciding what to eat.
• Fast food is satisfying to you.
• You order takeout in a drive-through.
• You do not enjoy cooking and rarely cook at home.
• You notice the food wrapping.
• You eat mindlessly, with no regard to ingredients or nutrition.
• You value convenience over quality.
• You are notorious for drenching your food in sauce, like ketchup.
• You make substitutions to your entrées when dining out.
• You find unfamiliar tastes undesirable and are not willing to try new cuisines.
• You repetitively visit restaurants at which you’ve had a mediocre experience.
• You believe food should be kept simple and is just fuel for the body.
• You eat.