A Match Made in Heaven: The Harrison Family

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Once upon a time, aka the year 2003, a beautiful up-and-coming celebrity hairstylist named Raychel met Audley Harrison, an Olympic Gold Medal champion boxer from Great Britain, when he became her client at a John Paul Mitchell salon in Las Vegas. He thought she was a knock-out, asked her out on a date, and their instant attraction easily grew into a deep romantic connection. In 2005, the couple pledged their forever love, marrying on a faraway Jamaican isle. The rest is his- and her-story.

Two years later, the Harrisons moved from Las Vegas to Westlake Village in the enchanting Conejo Valley where Raychel’s family lived. Born in Israel, she moved to the San Fernando Valley at the impressionable age of 6. Both Raychel and Audley had originally relocated to Las Vegas from different destinations. Audley moved from London to further his boxing career after winning the 2000 Olympic Games Gold Medal for Great Britain. He first turned professional in London but found himself travelling back and forth to Las Vegas often for training camps. Raychel moved to Las Vegas at 14 years old as her passion for the professional beauty industry was growing roots. Setting her sights on working with the global artistic director of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Raychel was able to secure an apprenticeship at his salon inside the Mandalay Bay hotel after completing cosmetology school. Her reputation and clientele were built on this salon floor—the same floor where fate ultimately drew her to Audley.

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The boxer and cosmetologist eventually settled in Westlake Village to be near Raychel’s family and enjoy the area’s highly rated community and educational system. Fast forward to the birth of their children, daughter Ariella, now age 17, and son Hudson, age 10, and the addition of the newest family member, an adorable Sheepdoodle named Tucker. “The camaraderie between neighbors is very special here,” observes Raychel. “Everyone’s on a first-name basis, happily helping each other out. We share oranges from our trees. All in all, it’s wonderful to be immersed in our community.”

“We really appreciate the charming small-town vibes that are rather unique in the Greater Los Angeles area,” adds Audley.

Both of their children clearly followed in their father’s footsteps with their passion for sports. Hudson currently plays club soccer and has also explored his athletic talents in basketball and jujitsu. Ariella loves all aspects of women’s basketball, transferring to Calabasas High School to train with the Coyotes for her senior year in addition to playing for Sports Academy in preparation for college. She has been involved in the sport for nearly 10 years, playing in a variety of recreational and competitive leagues. In 2021, Ariella created Women’s Athletic Awareness, a local organization to promote women’s sports.

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“We have fun going to WNBA or NCAA games as a family, but it is always most enjoyable when we get to watch Ariella play,” shares her proud papa. “We also watch soccer games whenever we can. Hudson’s games take place in the Conejo Valley and beyond, so it frequently becomes an all-day family outing.” The Harrisons also enjoy visiting farmers markets and local restaurants, such as Hamani in Calabasas, Basta in Agoura, and the Stonehaus at Westlake Village Inn, to celebrate the kids’ games. When they’re not spending time locally, you’ll find the family vacationing together, spending school holidays in such faraway lands as Hawaii and London, England.

Much of the couple’s time is spent on their careers. A celebrity hairstylist sporting 26 years of experience, Raychel opened their award-winning hair salon, Salon Nuuvo, in Calabasas 12 years ago. Both she and Audley also cofounded Nuuvo Haircare, cruelty-free products that started as just a single argan oil formulation in 2015. Today, their line has grown to 18 products with 39 variants. The salon was also one of the first companies awarded green business recognition by the City of Calabasas. It’s also certified as a Green Circle Salon since they recycle and repurpose 95 percent of their waste.

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“We encourage our kids to dream big and go for their goals,” explains Audley. “We teach them to have a purpose and to be upstanding humans when no one is looking.”

Raychel adds, “We have so many blessings to be grateful for, especially our health. So, we make it a priority to give back through volunteer work as a family.” The Harrisons often take their kids to downtown L.A. when Raychel and the salon team provide complimentary hair services for the homeless, and they donate food and participate in clothing drives.

“Ariella is also a talented painter and writer. And she is incredibly clever, always finding ways to make her life more efficient,” beams her proud mom, noting her daughter’s creative and tech-savvy skills. Hudson is a gifted chef, and his family all agrees…his scrambled eggs and gourmet guacamole top the list of his best culinary creations. 

Audley prioritizes his volunteer roles as a long-time youth soccer and basketball coach, which is where he dedicates his spare time. Since retiring from boxing, Audley continues to advise upcoming boxers in their careers. He also serves as an advisory board member of Theirworld, supporting education in low- and middle-income countries around the world. Recently, Audley helped both Las Virgenes Unified School District and Oak Park Unified School District in developing the districts’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs as a parent stakeholder.

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Raychel actively engages in the community, utilizing her business acumen to guide local small business owners as the business development chairman on the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce Executive Board of Directors. Among many accolades, her enthusiasm and leadership in her field once earned her recognition as one of the beauty industry’s ‘Top 20 CEOs Under 40.’ She is relentlessly passionate about health and wellness. From fashioning cruelty-free, eco-friendly hair products to juicing, Pilates, nature walks, and more, Raychel practices a healthy SoCal lifestyle.

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Despite Raychel’s demanding schedule, the multi-talented entrepreneur always takes time to organize several community events each year. The salon team holds a Zuma Beach clean-up annually. This year, it’s in August, and they invite the entire community to join in. They also organize toy drives for local foster kids through Casa Pacifica and host events where clients and friends can donate gently used clothes to women affected by domestic violence. Currently, Raychel is collaborating with the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station, L.A. County Fire Department, and other local organizations to plan an event aimed at youth, fostering positive interactions with our first responders and uniformed personnel.

“Our family, like our community, has built a foundation based upon shared values,” remarks Raychel. “We also respect each other as individuals, with unique personalities and interests.” Audley thoughtfully agrees, “We’re always learning from one another and considering each other’s point of view with love and understanding.” We look forward to watching this family as they embark on a real-life fairytale unfolding into their happily ever after.