Young Entrepreneurs: Brynn Tiano

Creating a Culture of Kindness


Brynn Tiano continues to inspire others with her new children’s book, Charlotte McGee, Proud to Be Me. The 17-year-old Calabasas High School student already helped create an empowerment group called InnerStarGirl with her mom, Lisa, and younger sister, Mia, after realizing how extensive the issue of bullying was among teenage girls. Based upon her own experiences, Brynn’s new book is about a girl named Charlotte, a second grader who has always struggled with accepting what makes her stand out. The young author explains, “Charlotte comes to learn that, although she may be different when it comes to her appearance, her personality is what truly shines through. When she is teased at school by her classmates, Charlotte is able to turn the situation around, showing everyone that no matter what obstacles are thrown her way, she will always embrace her differences and remain her silly, funny self.” You can find the book at:

Brynn is also the founder of the REAL TeenTalk Club at her high school. She hopes to expand the program across the country and beyond. “More importantly,” she says, “I want children to be able to relate to Charlotte and use it as a means to spread the message of creating a culture of kindness.” That’s truly an inspiration for us all.

by Lori Berezin