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Whether you’re looking to build a breathtaking backyard oasis with an infinity-edge pool or design the ideal drought-tolerant landscape for your home or business, Vitoli Landscaping, Hardscaping & Pools in Calabasas is the perfect partner. Focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly materials, CEO Rob Litman offers more than 20 years of experience in construction, landscaping, hardscaping, ecoscaping, and pool and spa design to turn an ordinary yard into an environmentally friendly work of art.

Passionate about landscape design and construction, Litman loves guiding customers from all walks of life through each project’s logistical, environmental, and budgetary challenges to make it an overwhelming success. Sometimes the teacher becomes the student. As fate would have it, a casual joke about Litman’s vision during a routine site visit at the North Ranch residence of one his clients, ophthalmologist Dr. John Davidson, led to a life-changing conversation.

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After Dr. Davidson, renowned for his expertise in cataract, lens-replacement, and LASIK surgery, noticed Rob’s struggle to see fine details, Rob explained that he had been legally blind in his right eye since birth due to a severe case of myopia and astigmatism, a condition that lay beyond the reach of traditional corrective methods. Despite seeing numerous eye surgeons over the years, he’d resigned himself to living with a condition that significantly impacted his quality of life. With a track record boasting over 45,000 successful sight-restoring procedures, including implanting over 10,000 Advanced Technology Lenses since May 2005, Dr. Davidson saw otherwise, confident that he could provide a solution.

With newfound hope and without hesitation, Rob agreed to a consultation with the ophthalmologist at his NVISION/Miramar Eye Center, during which Dr. Davidson proposed Rob undergo a cutting-edge procedure involving the implantation of an adjustable corrective lens. Ultimately, the results were astounding, causing Rob’s vision and, in turn, overall wellbeing to improve significantly.

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“The professionalism of Dr. Davidson and his team at NVISION/Miramar Eye Surgery Center was clear from the start,” says Litman. “The surgery truly marked a turning point in my life. Dr. Davidson and his team executed the procedure flawlessly, correcting my vision to 20/30. For the first time ever, I experienced proper depth perception. Now I can enjoy sports and other activities that were previously challenging. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Davidson for anyone seeking solutions for cataracts, astigmatisms, or other vision impairments. His seamless blend of skill, experience, and empathy, plus his commitment to innovative techniques and patient care, ensures everyone receives the best treatment possible.”

During his over-30-year career in Ventura County, Dr. Davidson became the first surgeon in the nation to implant PanOptix, the first and only FDA-approved trifocal lens implant, using the NGENUITY 3D Heads-Up Visualization System and the second surgeon in the world to perform cataract surgery using a head-mounted 3D display system. Earning the trust of his colleagues has provided Dr. Davidson with the privilege of helping hundreds of medical doctors, eye surgeons, optometrists, and family members to see clearly. As a nationally recognized leader and instructor, Dr. Davidson remains focused on delivering unsurpassed results, working with engineers from leading eye surgery equipment manufacturers to design and test next-generation devices. He was recently awarded as Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation’s “Vision Care Specialist of the Year” for 2024.

Rob continues to provide quality craftsmanship at Vitoli Builders. He notes, “We are all moving parts of one well-oiled machine and strongly believe in excelling in every step of the project from planning to construction. Our main priority is to care for each client before, during, and after construction.” Whether they’re constructing elegant stone masonry, building a tasteful outdoor kitchen, or installing a solar pool-heating system and performing low-impact development calculations for rain harvesting, Rob and his team always have clear vision, keeping an eye towards a more sustainable future. 

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