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Adopting from a shelter saves a life, so if you are considering getting a dog, keep this in mind. There are millions of homeless dogs out there, all wanting a new home. Shelter dogs are just as lovable as a store bought dog, but need our help so they won’t be euthanized. This amazing girl, Shortcake, was just rescued from the East Valley Animal Shelter and what an absolute lover! Her bad days are over forever and she will only know love and kindness from here on out! Shortcake is a 5 1/2 year old Pocket Pit and weighs just 40 lbs. You have to see her in person to really understand how short she is, truly no more than six inches off the ground and ridiculously adorable. Everyone will fall in love with this sweet girl. If you are interested in meeting Shortcake, please email for an adoption application. If the dog pictured has been adopted, there are always more dogs waiting for a good home.

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