Our Beloved Pets

And Why We Need Them


A couple strolls by our window at midnight, walking their dog. They actually shine a flashlight to help him see his way in the dark. Who would care so much about their furry friend to go to all this trouble? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that these amazing animals always have our backs, offering everlasting affection.

Cats love us, too. They just show it differently than our canine companions. Not only do cats and dogs provide a sense of curiosity and belonging in our day-to-day lives, they bolster our physical, spiritual, and mental health. Their unconditional love even boosts our self-esteem. Studies show they reduce stress levels and feelings of loneliness. They also help lower blood pressure and increase feelings of attachment. Walk them through the neighborhood and feel more connected to your community.

We need our animals as much as they need us. They provide a sense of security in our constantly changing world. They offer pure, uncomplicated acceptance. Who couldn’t use more of that? Human beings can be complicated, especially those we love. Pets give us an avenue to unleash our caring, nurturing sides without fear. Loving these sweet creatures also releases feelgood endorphins. It’s far easier than running a few miles and less fattening than chocolate. Our pets look up at us with those big brown, blue, or green eyes, and we’re hooked. It’s as simple as that.

Ever since our ancestors first domesticated wolf pups thousands of years ago for hunting and found them worthy companions, we’ve made them part of our lives. High cholesterol? Consider adopting a pet. They’ve been shown to lower that as well. Next time you feel stressed get a little exercise with your pup or simply curl up with your purring feline and cuddle your cares away.