Councilmember Bob Blumenfield Unveils New San Fernando Valley Solar Project

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Longtime advocate for green-energy investment in the West Valley, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield recently took another bold step toward the betterment of the City of Woodland Hills’ reduction on greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels by hosting the activation of a large-scale solar project at Gelb Enterprises located at 6200 Canoga Avenue in Woodland Hills. Led by the Gelb Group and PCS Energy, this green-energy installation is the largest in Blumenfield’s district to date.

The Los Angeles City Council voted to enact the LA100 plan on September 1, 2021, with the city setting a goal to transition completely to 100%-renewable electricity by 2035. his measure demonstrates that the city is on track to achieve a nationwide goal for clean energy a decade earlier than originally planned.

Located at the top of the Gelb Group’s parking garage, this project alone is equivalent to saving 59,158 gallons of gasoline consumed or 1,304,994 miles driven by a passenger vehicle—enough to power 102 homes’ electricity for a year. Among other benefits, property owners also save money, and the panels provide shade for those parking on the roof level of the garage.

“As a city, we must continue to take large steps towards combating climate change, and bringing these sorts of huge solar installations to the West Valley, where sun and heat is plentiful, is key,” said Blumenfield. “Hopefully, this project helps demonstrate that unique projects such as this massive in-basin 500-kilowatt roof-top solar system can mainstream on top of every building and parking garage throughout Los Angeles.”