Artist by Accident

wallace art

Wallace Wyss had every intention of pursuing a major in art when he attended Wayne State University in his hometown of Detroit. But life had other plans that turned Wallace onto a successful 40-year career in advertising as a copywriter. It was only by accident in 2007 that his painting of racecar driver Carroll Shelby launched his fine art career back into action. The painting was originally created to promote one of the 18 car books he authored. Since then, Wallace has created over 100 oil paintings on canvas, specializing in classic cars and, more recently, nature scenes from his favorite Malibu landmark—Paradise Cove and its Beach Café.

wallce art2

At least once a month, Wallace tries to make a trip to Paradise Cove and Beach Café to capture the perfect photo image of the sun rising over the shoreline surrounded by rocky cliffs and abundant foliage. This then becomes his painting guide. He has learned to time sunrise shoots with precision, noting that “barring morning fog, it can go from pitch dark to bright sunlight in all of five minutes.” Other times, the photo and masterpiece are inspired by the waterfront eatery—his favorite place to watch the sunrise, with its dock, sand, and outdoor seating. And on few occasions, Wallace captures a sports car that happens by and becomes the perfect subject.

For more information about Wallace’s work and its availability, you can reach him by email at