A Luscious Landscape: Sandy Hill’s Garden Oasis


Nestled away in The Oaks community of Calabasas is a luscious garden oasis that would seem to rival even the legendary hanging gardens of Babylon. Sandy Hill, wife to former city council member and mayor of Calabasas, Bob Hill, lives in a gorgeous house

with her husband in a wonderful community. Sandy Hill has had a green thumb for as long as she can remember. “I got started in gardening at a very young age,” says Sandy. “I think I was a farmer in my previous life. I always had a vegetable garden as a youngster and never lost the love of watching things grow.” Her stunning oasis features vegetable gardens, bird feeders, and animal-shaped topiaries, as well as tons of fantastic and fragrant flowers. She maintains everything herself, down to the cute little bear-shaped topiary. As effortless as Sandy makes it all seem, having a dream backyard requires much patience and planning as well as maintenance. For Sandy, this is her bliss. “Every yard is like a canvas for an artist. I look at the yard, and in my mind, I see different elevations, heights of different plants, and a color scheme.” Sandy has been gardening for at least 50 years. She began her career as an interior designer in the early 1980s. She quickly realized that instead of focusing on the inside of her clients’ houses, her eye was constantly drawn outside. She found her passion in gardens and yards, and her work steadily started taking a turn towards greener pastures. After moving to Sun Valley, Idaho, she took the plunge and started her own landscaping business, called “Petals and Twigs.”

Years later, now in Calabasas, her own garden thrives in the California sun. “My favorite style no matter where I am is English Country,” gushes Sandy. “I love all the flowers, and I try to incorporate some succulents and water-resistant plants where I can.” Sandy finds happiness and fulfillment in maintaining her gorgeous garden, and her love of all things green definitely shines through. “My favorite design feature is shade gardens. I use a lot of tree ferns, hydrangeas, Mother and leather ferns, begonias, and impatiens. My soul is fed with feeding and caring for plants and animals.” With years spent planting and sowing her seeds, Sandy Hill puts it simply: “Gardening is truly in my bones.”

By Pax Ansley
Photography by Kali Willcox