Going Grey Gracefully

going grey

There comes a time in most of our lives when our grey hairs begin to outnumber the rest. At that point, we can either grab the nearest bottle of hair dye or let nature take its course and go grey naturally.

Fortunately, the greying process, like wrinkling, occurs gradually over time. We don’t wake up one morning with a head full of grey hair. Blondes usually have it easiest. Grey generally looks more natural with cool blonde hair. Blondes might consider coloring their hair a shade lighter to make the growth less noticeable or getting highlights to match their multi-colored strands.

In our youth-obsessed culture, we often measure age by the number of grey hairs on our heads. Although we want to look and feel as young as possible, hair color that doesn’t match our skin tone can add even more years to our appearance. Luckily, we can, instead, let the grey grow and use shampoos that add moisture to help coarse grey hair maintain its luster. Deep conditioning once or twice a week also keeps those wiry salt and pepper strands looking vibrant.

Avail yourself of the numerous social media sites in support of transitioning to grey hair that include tips, tricks, techniques, tools, and product suggestions that make the process easy and fun.

And then, we can count our blessings for our newly acquired grey locks and keep smiling. After all, there’s nothing better than our smiles to keep us looking more youthful.