Embracing the Wisdom of the Ages: Kathy Jacobs


In the past, women of a certain age were often considered irrelevant, even over the hill. How times have changed! Today, empowered women continue to ignite the worlds of commerce, art, music, and fashion well into their 50s and beyond, starting new businesses and rekindling others.

Fit and fabulous at fifty


Kathy Jacobs, a 55-year-old Calabasas-based model and social media spokesperson, Instagram @ageisbeauty, is focused on empowering women over 50. She recently walked the runway for Sports Illustrated during Miami Swim Week. She was the first women in her 50s to make it to the top 17 considered for the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue, competing with women in their 20s and 30s. Recently Kathy was on Good Day L.A., and has been invited to Good Morning America.

“I hope to see more women over 50 come out of hiding to show the world how amazing they are, whatever their passion,” explains Kathy. The longtime model, actress, and businesswoman stays in shape by limiting sugar and carbs and taking belly dancing classes and Pure Barre with her daughter.


A real role model
Kathy worked as a petite model during the 1980s with the renowned Ford Modeling Agency in New York City. She fought for inclusion then and is still fighting today for shorter female models over 50. Her husband remains supportive. “My family is accustomed to seeing me try and fail, get back up, and try again…only this time, I put on a bikini,” quips Kathy. “Society expects women over 50 to become invisible and support themselves, but you can’t do both. It’s time to shine!”

Women of every age can be sexy, relevant, and smart or anything else they want to be. It all starts from within. “I think of myself as a pebble hitting the water creating a wave,” exclaims Kathy. “If enough women over 50 do this, we can change the tide on how society sees us.”

Life is like a boomerang
In life, what you throw out into the universe usually comes back, sometimes twice as strong. Changing people’s perception is never easy, but it is always possible. Kathy hopes readers will embrace her motto: “Don’t let the world bring you down. Wear your age like a crown.”