Just Another Day

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Just another day in California. If you know anything about car culture, you know California is the mecca. What happens in California resonates around the world. We have been and always will be at the leading edge of what is cool in automotive. On any given Sunday, you can see an example of just about every make and model cruising Pacific Coast Highway or Mulholland – roads made famous by movies and movie stars and where the passion for everything on wheels only grows.

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Supercar Sunday is a great example of the passion for all things automotive. For almost 20 years, Supercar Sunday has been such a staple in the car world that it’s hard to ignore. What has made the show truly incredible over the years is not only the consistency of the weekly event and the support from the community but the variety of the cars and people.

This past Porsche Marque Day, two of the finest examples of the revered Porsche 959 arrived in tandem and General Motors brought the brand new Chevy Corvette to share. Which would be rarer to see, two 959s or the unattainable and unreleased 2020 Corvette? Needless to say, the crowd of car enthusiasts went wild, and once again, the show maintained its reputation of being one of the best in the world. Just another day in California.

Supercar Sunday is a weekly event presented by Keyescars.com and Porsche Woodland Hills. The event is every Sunday at Pierce College in Woodland Hills.

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