University Village 10 Year Anniversary

Nearly 300 residents, staff, and special guests attended University Village Thousand Oaks’ 10th Anniversary celebration on October 16 to honor the first people to sign up for University Village, the first couple to move in, and a host of original residents who have been at University Village since its opening in 2007.

Master of Ceremonies and UVTO resident Frank Welch introduced speakers from University Village senior management, including Ryan Exline, Bob Bouchard, Ernie Sandlin, and Warren Spieker. Ginger Detterman, current chair of the University Village resident council, introduced past chairs, including Bill Marshall, the first chair of the resident council, as well as the current council. Also singled out for recognition were residents who have donated their photography and volunteers who assist with the numerous activities and programs on campus. To conclude the ceremony, resident Tom Simondi created a video to capture the 10 year history of the community. A sumptuous anniversary dinner was served for the residents that evening.

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