2017 Hidden Hills Charity Musical

On February 10 and 11, sold out crowds traveled through time with friends and neighbors, celebrating almost 100 years of songs, dances, clothes, hairdos, and happy memories.

From The Andrews Sisters to The Blues Brothers, there was something for everyone. Proceeds of the shows went to two charitable organizations: Nephcure Kidney International, the only organization committed exclusively to supporting research seeking the cause of Focal Degmental Glomerulosclerosis and Nephrotics Syndrome, and DIR/Floortime Coalition of California, a community of parents, families, and professionals spreading awareness and access to the use of developmental approaches for autism.

The cast of “Golf Cart Time Machine” consisted of Michael Bloom, Bryan Campell, O’Hara Fottrell, Catherine Gourdier, Eric Jacobson, Lucia Jacobson, Jeff Kessler, Jill Landon, Jennifer Lopata, Robert Lopata, Lesley Marvin, Mara Morner-Ritt. Mark Nassab, Mike Resnick, D. Jay Ritt, Biff Sherman, Peggi Siegel, David Stanley, Tamika Watkins, and Alexander Werner.

Photography By Bret Katz