Style Trends: Bringing SEXY Back to the Kitchen

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The rise in popularity of pop-art and logo branding have impacted our choices as consumers—from clothes to art to home. A preference for bold colors and masculine influences is in. From racing red’s iconic status as the classic color choice of Ferrari, it sees a new resurgence in the home. Moving from the garage to the kitchen, racing red is making a bold statement on the new trend of colorful ranges. By having fun moments of color, a warm, modern environment is created.

The indoor kitchen is entering a more masculine era as more couples are cooking together than ever, thanks to the pandemic encouraging time in the home. The new color trend adds a sleekness to the interior of the kitchen that ensures an ease of movement and the mind while cooking, while providing a contemporary warmth that avoids austerity. This hot, new color will put the spark back into your home and into your cooking.

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The popularity of pop art has led to the era of muted neutrals taking a backseat. Vibrant color elements elevate the kitchen into an interactive art installation, heightening the senses and tastes. As the popular saying goes—phones eat first—pointing to the rise in priority of the ambiance surrounding eating. The aesthetics of the kitchen being a feast for the eyes adds to the experience of both eating and conversation; a beautiful environment creates a beautiful meal and beautiful memories. As color begins to take a new place, pops of color will take over the contemporary kitchen with the purpose of generating exciting statement pieces to catch the eye. The kitchen is doubling as the art gallery of the home, no better place to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Custom organization is at the top of my list when designing a kitchen. Finding the right pot or a certain spatula shouldn’t be a game of hide and seek that ends in dry chicken breast. Every kitchen and every cook is unique, requiring specifications for the optimal arrangement of the space. Cabinetry is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing how to organize a kitchen. The whole idea of contemporary organization is that it shouldn’t feel like a chore to put things away but should ensure that cleaning up is effortless because it is integrated into the movement of the space. In this same vein, organization should be pleasing to the eye, doing away with the bulky plastic bins of the past. Every box of cereal, nuts, and chips are countered while designing the ultimate drawer and cabinet organization systems and dividers.

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Hardware has become the jewelry of cabinets. It functions as the finishing touch to a kitchen—the way a gold watch or ring completes a look. One of my go-to pulls is from my favorite company, Buster and Punch. I love quality hardware with a good hand feel and an edge that a fabulous kitchen demands.

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The kitchen is a workspace and the congenial social hub of the house. We are moving towards simple and clean lines with strong geometric forms to create a minimalist and airy atmosphere with some teeth. Antique brass and dark bronzes are the perfect contrast for pale walls, creating depth and a touch of a romantic ambiance within a space. The goal of the kitchen is to create a seamless flow between the chaos of the day and the more peaceful hours of the night. Charcoal hues and organic textures reminiscent of driftwood and stone create a balance between the natural and the crafted tied up with a statement pop of color. The functionality of a kitchen should not interfere with the effortless elegance of a space but should enhance it. We always strive to value engineer whenever possible, being conscientious of the budget and the vision.

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Countertops are the focal point of any kitchen. They make or break the space and set the tone. While the hardware I utilize focuses on creating depth and an edgier atmosphere, the countertops are there to create warmth and contrast with the darker elements and accents of saturated color. My love for natural stone is somewhat at odds with my priority of function. My main goal of any space is beauty and functionality. If the budget is flexible, then quartzite is the way to go for drama and durability. Soapstone for outside kitchens is also a favorite option of mine. However, another great alternative is Ironsbridge by Cambria Stone if quartzite is out of your budget.