Unclutter Your Life and Lighten Your Spirit

lighten your spirit

It’s impossible to truly separate thoughts from emotions. They are interconnected like drops of rain upon an endless sea. In order to soothe those rockier emotions, it helps to clear the mind from old negative thoughts.

Cleaning out your emotional baggage may feel daunting at first. You have to examine what’s in there, and a lot of it can be deeply hidden away. Discover who you are now and throw the rest out. Recycle these negative loops into positive reinforcement. You are not the same person you were when you first brought these thoughts home. They’re outdated and no longer serve your higher truth. It’s a new year, so start 2019 with a lighter you.

Perhaps you were once painfully shy or overly talkative or thought you didn’t have the talent to achieve everything you’d like. That’s not who you are today so don’t limit yourself by believing it still applies. Ask yourself what issues you’d like to overcome. Think of events that hurt you and how they affected your actions and self-worth. Write each thought or event down on a piece of paper so you become fully conscious of it. Then, think about how you’ve changed as you throw each paper out. Do it with gratitude to honor the important place each issue once held in your life. Forgive yourself, and let them go.

Finally, focus on the present and stay positive. Imagine what you want to manifest. Like attracts like, so what we think about attracts more of the same. Rain may still fall, but notice how sweet it smells as it clears the air.

by Lori Berezin