Healthy Habits We Can Learn From Our Pets

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What could be more welcoming than the soft purr and excited tail wag of our favorite furry friends greeting us at the door? We may train our pets, but in reality, we learn even more from them.

Easy does it
A dog’s life is far less complicated than his human. When dogs play ball, the only thing on their minds is chase and return. They’re not thinking about what they need to do later or the state of the environment. Dogs may not have long attention spans, but they do possess an uncanny ability to focus, which we’d be wise to emulate.

When times get ruff
There’s no one on earth more loyal than a dog. Dogs will follow us to the ends of the earth. We can learn a thing or two from these big-hearted creatures. In our human world, loyalty needs to be earned, and all too often, we leave a relationship when the going gets tough. With a dog, love truly conquers all. Live and learn.

Remember to stretch
From downward dog to cat stretches, our pets really know how to limber up. When they greet us with a stretch, they’re saying, “hello.” Say “hello” to each day with gentle cat stretches to keep your body supple.

Feel the wind on your face
Lean out the window and enjoy the whoosh of fresh air. Or better yet, walk your dog. Exercise relieves all the pressure. And don’t worry; our pups will always get us home in time for dinner.

Free to be me
Our pets don’t try to be something they’re not, so we can just be ourselves. If someone doesn’t like who we are, we can sniff out those that do.

Play hard and get plenty of rest
Dogs play hard. They also know how to relax. Cats are especially talented at taking naps. Play like a dog and sleep like a cat.

Make each moment count
Our pets help us live in the here and now. They don’t practice mindfulness; they just do it. Clearly, our furry friends can teach us new tricks to lead happier, healthier lives.