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When Dr. Nasim Bahadorani, MBS, DrPH, CHES, looks at a patient, she considers the whole person in order to prevent disease and promote good health. Traditional medicine tends to focus on the outside, treating symptoms instead of searching for the origin of disease. Dr. Bahadorani, on the other hand, approaches the entire scope of a person’s lifestyle, helping make small changes that foster better health over the long run.

We spoke with Dr. Bahadorni about her Calabasas-based practice and want to share her views on Sani Wellness integrative medicine and Health N’ You programs and how she hopes to improve the current state of healthcare.

What inspired you to open Sani Wellness/Health N’ You?
Throughout years of work as a public health researcher, I saw the need for preventative health programs and determined the effectiveness of several modalities. So, I began Health N’ You for people of all ages and genders.

What makes your service different than other lifestyle health specialists?
As the founder and director of Health N’ You, I specialize in lifestyle health behavior programs for prevention, management, and reversal of chronic disease. I offer whole-person approaches to health that are evidence-based, creative, and effective and not just focused on physical fitness or diet. Given my education and experience in public health, I know the strategic models and interventions to prevent disease and support health.

What do your coaching programs entail?
Health and wellness coaching provides a dynamic and powerful method to empower, motivate, and support each client using sustainable, healthy, lifestyle modification to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. I offer both individual and group sessions to fit each person’s requirements and goals.

Do you offer online workshops?
Yes. I have developed an online platform specializing in evidence- based lifestyle health behavior programs for prevention and management of chronic disease. Our interactive Health N’ You platform empowers creative learning experiences to inspire, motivate, and engage each adult participant. We provide specific tools, such as self-tracking and guided relaxation sessions, to help clients achieve their goals. We don’t just focus on pounds lost, for instance, but also on blood pressure, blood sugar, and other biomarkers.

Our online health education workshops address the root causes of disease. These programs include:
• Lifestyle interventions to prevent burnout and promote health
• Chronic disease prevention and management
• Nutrition to help stress reduction
• Improvements to sleep quality
• Senior and adolescent health
• Nutrition, including guidelines for grocery shopping and healthy
meal preparation

Any final remarks you want to make to our readers?
Lifestyle behaviors greatly contribute to the growing public health crisis of chronic disease. To improve your health and quality of life, consider making simple changes in your dayto- day life to achieve long-term wellness.

Dr. Bahadorani’s integrative approach helps prevent disease and nurture fitness in order to create a healthier population overall. She advises her clients, and our readers, to discover what works best for them, encouraging self-empowerment and removing barriers that may be blocking their ultimate success.


Nasim Bahadorani, DrPH
Instagram: health_n_u

Certified Health and Wellness Coach Dr. Nasim Bahadorani, MBS, DrPH, CHES, has a doctorate in public health with a major in health education and health promotion in addition to a master’s degree in biomedical science. She also serves as an adjunct lecturer at Cal State Northridge in the Health Sciences Department.