La La Land Kind Cafe Opens at the Commons

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Opens at the Commons at Calabasas

A local coffee shop with a purpose, La La Land Kind Café is in the business of kindness as it now serves its coveted coffee, matcha, and tea drinks at The Commons at Calabasas. This cheerful coffee shop with a cult following is bringing kindness into the area with the brand’s third location in Los Angeles County. While La La Land Kind Café is quickly becoming THE go-to destination for coffee, it is also on a mission to bring kindness to every community it serves. “Kindness first, coffee second,” says Founder Francois Reihani, who founded La La Land Kind Café in 2019 as an organic café with the goal of empowering foster youth who are aging out of the foster care system through employment and mentorship opportunities while normalizing kindness every day. The café offers the La La Program, an eight-week internship that provides paid, on-the-job customer-service training, mentorship, and assistance with job placement, housing, schooling, and therapy.

Customers are immediately drawn to the store’s clean and bright aesthetic and warm, friendly staff doling out kindness and compliments. Every customer is told, “We love you,” as they grab their drinks at the bar. The store also evokes a feeling of nostalgia with its signature bright-yellow cups filled with colorful drinks in the brand’s new sippy-cup design, meant to remind you of your childhood. Local Calabasas customers enjoy “The Lucky Latte” (hot) and “La La Lucky Latte” (iced), available in both espresso or matcha and exclusively at the new Calabasas location. La La Land Kind Cafe is raising the standard of what we should all expect from businesses. They believe that a business can be kind, give back, care about the community, and serve high-quality products while still making a profit, and La La Land Kind Café proves that it can be done. @lalalandkindcafe.