To Sleep, Perchance to…Look More Beautiful !


While Shakespeare’s Hamlet was concerned with far weightier matters than simply getting his beauty rest, the intrinsic value of a good night’s sleep should never be underestimated.

Sleep repairs both body and mind, allowing the soul to roam free in dreamland. According to the medical community, if you get less than six hours of sleep per night, you’re denying your body one its most beneficial balms. When you enjoy a lovely seven to nine hours of rest, you begin to heal from within.

A wrinkle in time
Our skin creates collagen, which counteracts sagging as we sleep. With less shut-eye, we tend to wrinkle twice as much. Puffy eyes and dark circles also begin to appear beneath our peepers. Without sufficient sleep, blood pools in the area, revealing darker areas where delicate blood vessels lie close to the surface.

Sleep longer for lusher locks
The hormone cortisol increases when we’re under stress, which can lead to hair loss. Without the proper amount of rest each night, our bodies produce more cortisol and we feel less able to cope with life’s daily dilemmas. Blood flow also lessens without proper sleep, which leads to fewer nutrients feeding our hair follicles, causing dullness and breakage.

As we age, our own ability to produce growth hormone, which helps maintain tissues and vital organs, diminishes. Adequate sleep helps preserve this important anti-aging ingredient. All the lotions, masks, and cooling cucumbers in the world simply cannot replace eight hours of beautiful sleep. Sweet dreams!