Supercar Sunday


In Southern California, it is car show season all year long, but this past winter being very wet, car enthusiasts have waited for the dry days of summer to do what they love to do: show off their prized possessions and drive. Car show season has officially begun as there is no more rain in sight. At Supercar Sunday, the attendance has been off the charts. As many of you know, Supercar Sunday started in the El Camino Shopping Center, next to Calabasas. Almost 20 years later, the weekly car show is still going strong and is one of the most-well-recognized weekly car shows in the world! Supercar Sunday continues to evolve and has been located at Pierce College in Woodland Hills for almost a year. Pierce College is the perfect location as it is an absolutely stunning campus and the parking area is fabulous. There is ample space for all the car show attendees and spectators.


Keyes Automotive Group and Porsche Woodland Hills are the presenting sponsors of the event. With their help, the event has again been elevated to a new level. Having a special day each month to feature the Porsche brand has brought a lot of new excitement to the show. Not to mention that Keyes and Porsche Woodland Hills very graciously provide coffee and donuts as well as other Porsche-inspired gifts. And they always have new Porsches on display as well as very special collector Porsches, like the red 959 in the picture. One of the very special things about Supercar Sunday is that you never know who or what type of car will pull into the event. From the rarest hyper-exotic cars to classics to celebrities, Supercar Sunday continues to provide a place for passion and positivity in our community. Stop by this Sunday, and enjoy your visit. For more info: